Ali Cook brings his exciting show to Leicester’s Y Theatre this October. Principles of Deception’ is a snapshot of every type of magic and effectively an expanded version of Cook’s previous tour ‘Principles and Deceptions’. Cook described himself as “a normal guy who likes weird things” and is aware he is very good at magic all the whilst maintaining an air of humble modesty.

This is a show that will without a doubt appeal to hardcore magic fans (can you have hardcore magic fans?) and those who simply love being entertained. Essentially the show is a snapshot of every type of magic throughout the ages, nicely wrapped up in Cook’s engaging and charming personality. Cook was a World Magic Champion at only 17 and began performing on the comedy circuit with short spots that would amaze the audience at intimate London clubs. This foray into the Stand-Up Comedy scene has given Cook another skillset from the typical magician’s patter and he has stated that-

“I decided a magician with the persona of a stand-up comedian is more interesting”.

The show sounds amazing and is sure to be one of those indescribable evenings which leaves you speechless. Not only is there a magic through the ages element but there will be rather high concept themes from a book called Principles of Deception (we see what you did there Mr. Cook).

Cooks visit to the Y Theatre will be his first and those who have been to the venue before will completely understand how fitting the venue will be for a dark and mysterious evening of all kinds of magic. Not wanting to give too much away, Cook has simply said there will be tricks from-

“Regurgitating a goldfish to a woman levitating”

For those still unsure about what to expect, Ali Cook has appeared on programs featuring Darren Brown and has performed warm up for Sarah Millican.

Ali Cook is at The Y Theatre on the 27th October.


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