Podcast. Brunch. Club. Three words that individually bring me so much joy. So when I first heard them strung together in one phrase, I immediately wanted in.

Within seconds of a Bristolian friend mentioning the concept to me, I was googling it. Thirty minutes later, I’d emailed the founder offering to start a branch in the East Midlands.

(This is common behaviour for me – I’m all about saying yes, and processing the decision later. Luckily this one has been a good bet so far)

So what is it? Well. It’s basically a book club, but with podcasts.

Each month Podcast Brunch Club HQ sends out a themed list of audio to listen to – usually around three or four key listens. There’s usually a really good mix of big names (Radiolab, This American Life etc.) and productions you’ve never heard of. Then we, like many little groups in cities around the world, meet up to chat about what we’ve heard.

Or not. Because also like the stress of plowing through a novel for book club, not everyone manages to listen to everything – but that’s okay, when the conversation takes us on so many wonderful tangents.

Our local group has only been going for a few months, but we’ve already developed a great cycle of podcast enthusiasts who drop into the LCB Depot each month. Subjects so far have included citizenship, the death penalty and memories (I’m sure they’ll be some lighter ones coming up soon).

As well as the fascinating chat, I think we all get a kick out of spending time with other pod fans. It means no-one rolling their eyes when you start every other sentence with, “I was listening to this podcast the other day…”, no blank looks when you casually quote radio-god Ira Glass, and genuine interest when you start enthusing about this incredible new show you’ve just stumbled across. Everyone is better off.

If the above sounds like you – join us. If you’re confused, there’s still time to convert.

Many people are – the movement seems to just growing and growing, with new branches being announced all the time – much to the excitement of Adela, who started the very first club in Chicago.

She told me;  “It just makes me feel so good to know that I’ve played a small part in getting people who may not have otherwise met to talk about things they may not have otherwise discussed.

“My hope is that people are creating authentic and meaningful friendships through PBC. I’m so inspired by the amazing people I have met through this endeavor”

You’ll find us online – podcastbrunchclub.com – or on Facebook. And we’re not really a cult. Promise.

Becca is a radio producer and trainer for the BBC, and co-writes the lifestyle blog The Weekend Collective. Born and based in Leicester, she is an enthusiastic consumer of all things creative and is a serious FOMO sufferer.

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