We’re at a pub, trying to log into the WiFi. First question: “Gender?” Mandatory question. Two options. Bioreductive terms. Basically asking what’s in our pants.

1. Rude! 

2. This pins people to a narrow identity with little room to question. How can that be good for our evolution?

One of us is non-binary. The other two might be cis women, still not comfortable at all being reduced to their privates. You use the Internet with your hands – or with your voice or whichever accessibility device you need – not with your genitals. Genitals and chromosomes are NOT gender signifiers. Womanhood is a state of mind. If someone tells you she’s a woman, she’s a woman. If someone tells you he’s a man, he’s a man. If someone tells you something else, that’s what they are. If they tell you they’re attack helicopters, start a conversation about increased militarisation and normalisation of guns in our streets.

Our feminism is for the liberation of ALL women. Actually, of everyone regardless of their gender. We don’t want them to be trapped in pre-established definitions. We believe in your truth as long as it doesn’t harm others. Trans Exclusionary Radical “Feminists” do this: harm not only the trans community, but the feminist movement in general. We refuse to ally ourselves with these women (or “females”, quoting public house Wi-Fi providers) and men who objectify others for what’s in their undergarments. You know who else objectify women for their genitalia? Misogynists.

Welcome to INTRSKTR.

INTRSKTR is Leicester's Intersectional Feminist Collective. You can find out more about what they do and their events - including Glitterfest - at their website.

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