Practicing ‘The Art of Thinking’ is what the Leicester Social Enterprise CULTURE ON THE OFFENSIVE magazine is all about.  

You don’t have to think like everybody else! With all the information and viewpoints being thrown at us daily, how do we unravel the truth of the matter? Are we becoming too comfortable in our online echo chambers? Are you one of those people who think too much? Do you like to discuss our contemporary culture – social issues, identity, music, art, film and the internet? Do you like to go a bit more in-depth than your average web-chatter? Do you value free speech?

Lizzie Soden and Dr Greg Scorzo are an Artist/Philosopher duo using creative, critical, and free thinking to start new conversations in this time of seismic cultural change. We publish multimedia online essays about aspects of our culture, and in-depth conversations with controversial thinkers and cutting-edge creatives who are embracing new ways of looking at things.

We also feature ‘Post-Socratic dialogues’ written around universal philosophical themes with a contemporary twist. We run courses, talks and events. You can explore via discussion and writing all the paradoxes that go with being human in the 21st century digital age. This is back to basics philosophy in practice.

Recent activities have involved taking part in a national initiative run by the Institute of Ideas called ‘Debating Matters’, which holds a debating competition between schools and more recently in prisons. On top of that we ran two successful sessions at the weekend event ‘The Battle of Ideas’, which took place at the Barbican.

We need more people on board to help us keep going and growing. Writers, illustrators, web-developers, social media marketers wanting experience and potential sponsors.  Check us out. It’s all kicking off… get involved.

Coming up:

‘The Art of Thinking Course’ at Attenborough Arts – 16th January 2016


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