There’s an inherent awkwardness to the act of introducing yourself; there’s questions and aspects that post-introduction will often, most likely need addressing, depending on the situation. ‘This is my cousin Gary’ your partner may say

‘Nice to meet you Gary,’ you reply.

After further subtle attempts of investigation you discern Gary is a tree surgeon who is really into football and, short of conversations about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, you and Gary have very little to talk about.

So in an attempt to introduce you as smoothly as possible to Tetrad I’ve taken the format of an emailed formal introduction. Please see below.

Intro Sentence, try to be as specific as possible.

To whom it may concern

Explain who you are, try and add a little mystique to this section, make yourself out to be an enigma:

We are Tetrad, the East Midlands based performance art platform and collective. We put on events, host workshops and bend the fabric of time and space whilst floating through voids of excitable uncertainty.

Explain how you know the reader, if applicable, try not to sound creepy:

We know you, we’ve been watching you, and we’ve been here for almost three years lurking rather unsubtly on the surface of the East Midlands performance art scene.

If applicable, maybe pay them a compliment:

Not applicable

Explain your reason for writing:

I am writing to bring your attention to the activities of our collective. As Tetrad we programme scratch nights (Us and Them at Attenborough Arts Centre) for emerging and established performance artists, these range from comedians to dance companies via live artists and devised theatre makers.

Based in Leicester but working across the UK we host residency events where we collaborate with other artists and share practices. We programme finished work, host festivals and workshops. We open up a dialogue about contemporary theatre and performance practices. As an associate company of Attenborough Arts Centre we’ve secured arts council funding to develop our project further.  We’ve also just announced the release of our own magazine. The first issue (The Drawing Board) is set for release later this year.

There are many ways to formally end the email, try to use as many as you can.

Kind Regards. Best wishes. Yours sincerely. Yours faithfully. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. Goodbye. See you laterz. In a bit. In a bizzle. In a B-Hizzle. See ya. Tetrad out.



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