Great Central wants to be a comprehensive listings guide for Leicester – both in our print edition and online – so if you organize events we want to hear from you!

We’ll be carrying basic listings completely free of charge and we want to collect as many of them as possible. I’ve attached a spreadsheet to this email, and would absolutely love it if you could complete and return it so we can make sure everything you’re doing is included. The deadline for print listings is the 5th of the month preceding the issue in question (so the 5th November for our December to February issue), but you can submit them for inclusion online whenever and as often as you like. Just keep us updated!

If you have a specific event that you think would be worth featuring in more depth, please get in touch, and feel free to add to your press releases. If we’re able to cover something in print or online, and we can see the story behind it, then we will give it some column inches.

There are several ways to make your events stand out from the crowd, starting from £20 for a featured listings. All proceeds go towards helping us print the physical copies of Great Central, and keeping our servers well oiled and online. Check out our advertising information for more details.

To get your listings added to our website and included in the quarterly magazine, email and we’ll send you over a spreadsheet to complete.